Daniel Sadjadian

Businessman | Entrepreneur | Car Enthusiast | YouTuber

About me

Ever since I was a child, I have always had a passion for bringing my own ideas to life and collaborating with others to achieve a shared vision. In conjunction with my love of technology, this has led me to software development.


I create software for lots of different platforms, sometimes aimed at consumers and other times at businesses. But writing a bit of code or designing an app, is just a small part of my main passion, which is business.


My life goal has and always will be, to collaborate and co-found businesses with other people around the world. To develop and see these businesses grow, to me, is like a dream come true - especially when receiving great feedback from customers.


My first collaborative business, is a company called “Calendario” - a social network based on calendar events. The business comprises of developers, designers and marketers all based around the world. Our goal is to take “Calendario” from a small startup, to a well established social network.


I believe the key to achieving your goals (whether they be business related or not), is to always experiment and try new things. Push yourself, learn from others and constantly think of ways in which you can improve yourself. Above all, make sure you love what you do - I know I do and so far, its helped me achieve things I never thought I could.


Aside from business, I love cars and traveling - I think they make the best combination. Getting behind the wheel of a growling V8 on twisty mountainous roads with stunning views, is the best fun I have ever had.

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